Sustainable Fashion Shopping Using Visual Search

Visual search for eCommerce stores powered by multimodal semantic A.I.

Sustainable Fashion Shopping Using Visual Search

Have you ever found yourself standing before a mountain of clothes in a virtual fast-fashion store, swamped with the choice but slightly guilty about your carbon footprint? Well, you're not alone. We've all been there. However, there's more to this story than just our environmental concerns. Let's take a leisurely stroll down the Fast Fashion Avenue and examine its impact.

A Peek into Fast Fashion's Wardrobe

Fast fashion is akin to the 'fast food' of the clothing world. It provides consumers with quick, cheap access to the latest trends, which, like a sugar rush, may give an instant high but comes with a heavy toll on the environment and human labor.

Fashion production generates 10% of all humanity's carbon emissions, drains water supplies, and pollutes rivers and streams [1]. It's one of the largest contributors to global warming. In addition, to keep up with the demand for rapidly changing styles, the industry often resorts to mass production techniques, which are highly energy-intensive and wasteful.

The story on the human labor front isn't any rosier. The fast fashion industry is notorious for exploiting workers in developing countries, who often labor under inhumane conditions for minimal pay. It's a modern tale of beauty and the beast, with the beast lurking just beneath the glossy veneer of trendy clothes.

Enter Shimmer: Your Green Shopping Assistant

So, where does that leave us, the trend-loving, eco-conscious consumers, and store owners? With Shimmer, the answer to sustainable fashion shopping!

Shimmer is a state-of-the-art multimodal visual search engine that adds a new twist to your shopping experience. This revolutionary platform enables you to filter your search by sustainable brands, ensuring your wardrobe stays chic while keeping your carbon footprint in check.

How does Shimmer work?

With Shimmer, it's simple. All you have to do is write a description of what you're looking for or upload a picture – or why not both? It's as fun and straightforward as posting your weekend adventures on Instagram.

If you are a store owner, you too can ride the wave of sustainable fashion by integrating Shimmer seamlessly onto your site. This would enable your customers to shop guilt-free, knowing that their purchases are not contributing to environmental degradation or labor exploitation.

The Secret Sauce: A.I.

So, what makes Shimmer capable of offering such a unique, user-friendly, and eco-conscious shopping experience? The answer is a multimodal AI service.

Mixpeek combines artificial intelligence to analyze both text and visual data simultaneously, allowing for an extraordinarily accurate and nuanced search experience. In simple words, Mixpeek is the genius behind Shimmer that understands your style preferences and matches them with sustainable options.

When you upload a photo or type a description into Shimmer, Mixpeek swings into action. It analyses the image and text inputs, identifies the key elements of your fashion query, and uses that information to sift through thousands of sustainable fashion options available online.

For instance, if you upload a picture of a blue cocktail dress and specify that you want a sustainable version of it, Mixpeek will go the extra mile to analyze the details. It will consider the color, the cut, the fabric, the style, and any additional textual information you've given. Then, it works its magic to provide you with the closest matches from sustainable brands.

For store owners, Mixpeek offers the ability to catalogue and tag your inventory in ways that make it easily searchable for your sustainability-conscious customers. It enhances the user experience, helping you build a loyal customer base and boosting your sales in the long run.

In essence, Mixpeek is revolutionizing the way we shop, bridging the gap between our love for fashion and our commitment to sustainability. With Mixpeek, Shimmer isn't just another search platform – it's a game-changer in the world of fashion e-commerce.

Making Sense of Sustainability

But how exactly does Mixpeek understand something as specific as 'polyester' and its connection to sustainability? The beauty of Mixpeek lies in its ability to comprehend and associate terms that are relevant to sustainability, creating a unique and effective shopping guide.

When you feed a term like 'polyester' into Shimmer, Mixpeek doesn't just understand it as a material used in clothing. It has been trained to recognize that polyester is a synthetic fiber derived from petroleum, a non-renewable resource. Not only that, but it also knows that the production of polyester requires significant energy and water and releases harmful emissions, making it less sustainable compared to other materials.

Mixpeek's intelligent AI associates 'polyester' with these environmental factors and impacts. When you're searching for sustainable clothing, it will deprioritize options that have high polyester content, focusing instead on products made from more sustainable materials, like organic cotton or recycled materials.

On the other hand, if you're a store owner tagging your inventory, Mixpeek can analyze the material composition of your products and tag them appropriately for their sustainability level. This transparency not only helps customers make more informed choices but also promotes trust in your brand.

In a nutshell, Mixpeek takes Shimmer beyond being a simple search engine, transforming it into a highly informed shopping companion that deeply understands the impact of our fashion choices. With Shimmer and Mixpeek, you're not just shopping; you're shaping a more sustainable future.